• Adorn Your Crown

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Be sure to sign up for our FREE Membership to start earning points to redeem for products that you love, or even gift them to a friend.

It's as easy as 1.... 2.... 3!!

1. Come To Aesthetix Naturals

2. Click the Crown on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER

3.Create a FREE account, and start earning point to redeem for your favorite products!


Yes! Our products have proven to provide Curls, Deeper Waves, and Flawless Skin!!

Best Products I Tried

"By far the best natural stuff I have used probably. . . . EVER!"

-Malik Samsir

About Us

Aesthetix Naturals is a natural product brand made with 100% natural ingredients. We were inspired by natural and raw ingredients and their impact on the skin and hair. Our desire for products that worked for our natural kinky and coil-y tresses but also natural and free from excessive chemicals fueled this business venture. Our first creation was our start product “Crown Butter” we soon realized how these natural ingredients helped with the health of their skin and hair. We continued to experiment and test out new ingredients, so much so that family and friends began to request products to be made for personal use. Aesthetix Naturals was born. It is our belief that beauty is to be aesthetically pleasing to the one whom possesses it and to the one who rests their eyes upon them.  

Aesthetix Naturals was created to ensure the self-confidence of those who desire beauty without the need for extra chemicals, and proving that natural beauty, is beauty of royalty. Adorn your crown.